Italian Patent Box

The Italian Patent Box is a tax regime that aims to support investment in R&D activities and encourage the development of Intellectual Property in Italy.

Our Italian Patent Box team will help clients with business interests in Italy maximise benefit from the Patent Box regime.

Marina Mauro, Senior Patent Attorney

The Italian Patent Box will grant a partial exemption from corporate income tax up to 50% if derived from the use of some intellectual property rights. The Patent Box was introduced in 2015 and makes it possible to have an exemption for income deriving from the use of software protected by copyright, patents, designs and utility model and know-how. Initially it was possible to have an exemption from trade marks as well but this was cancelled on 1 January 2017.

The regime is made available to both Italian and foreign taxpayers. Users of the patent box regime must be undertaking R&D activities either directly or through agreements with universities or other research facilities to qualify.

Dr Marina Mauro and her team are on hand to make sure you know how the Patent Box will benefit your company and then help you take advantage of it.


To discuss your patent box requirements, contact Marina Mauro.

Marina Mauro

Dr Marina Mauro

Senior Patent Attorney

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We’ll take care of:

  • IDENTIFYING – qualifying rights you may hold.
  • PLANNING – where you might like to file new patent applications.
  • ACCELERATING – existing applications that may qualify, to increase your qualifying portfolio.

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