Patent Oppositions and Appeals

EPO Patent Opposition proceedings are an amazing tool for third parties seeking freedom to operate within Europe. They are cost-effective compared to litigating a European patent in even a single European national court; the decisions are consistent and rendered in a timely manner.

Our experienced Opposition team has an impressive record of helping Patentees defend and maintain their rights during opposition proceedings initiated by third parties. The team is also regularly involved in opposing third party rights on behalf of our clients, successfully obtaining freedom to operate within Europe for them.

Thanks to their in-depth technical knowledge, combined with excellent advocating skills, our team of Patent Opposition and Appeal specialists are highly qualified to guide you through the Patent Opposition and Appeal process.

Our extensive experience of the EPO opposition and appeal procedure at your service:

  • We cover all fields of technology, from pharmaceuticals compositions, to mechanical devices, polymers, to digital systems and to diagnostics
  • We will assist you in preparing all documents and evidence needed
  • You will benefit from our expertise and support at every stage of the patent opposition proceedings
  • Our approach is analytical, thorough and at the same time creative to find the most suitable solutions even out of the ordinary
  • We have experience in the most complex cases such as multi-opponent cases.
  • We will keep an oversight of any co-pending litigation or ongoing licence agreement negotiations for you and leverage them into the proceeding
  • We will utilise our in-house search expertise to monitor your competitor activities and to find the most relevant prior art if needed.

Patent Opposition proceedings are an important tool of any intellectual property strategy. Proper management of the process from early on offers competitive advantage. Choosing an experienced team to guide you through the proceedings is key. Whether it’s pre grant oppositions or post grant oppositions, we will work with you in a proactive, pragmatic and strategic manner to achieve the best outcome for you.

We’ll take care of:

  • STRATEGY – creating a comprehensive IP strategy that generates value from your design.
  • PROTECTION – putting in place the right global protection for your needs and ensuring the filing process is done correctly, efficiently and swiftly.
  • COMMERCIALISATION – extracting maximum commercial value from your design.
  • ENFORCEMENT – ensuring your rights are enforced and defended worldwide.
  • MAINTENANCE & MORE – providing stress-free management and maintenance of your global portfolio.

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