Patent Prosecution

Murgitroyd’s team of experienced patent prosecution attorneys provide clear, concise and pragmatic advice on how to take your patent application through to grant. We tailor this advice to the specific needs of each client.

Successfully prosecuting a patent application through to allowance can be a complicated process. It is often necessary to balance the need to overcome any objections raised with that of achieving a commercially useful scope of protection. Our knowledgeable team of patent prosecution experts can help you to achieve the best possible outcome from the examination process.

Murgitroyd’s patent prosecution attorneys:

Our attorneys provide a wide range of patent prosecution services and are experienced in dealing with objections on the grounds of lack of novelty and inventive step (obviousness), as well as issues relating to a lack of clarity or sufficiency, and added subject-matter. In addition, we advise on more technology-specific issues relating to computer-implemented inventions (CII), excluded subject-matter, business methods, methods of treatment by surgery or therapy, and methods of diagnosis. As well as being highly knowledgeable in argument and amendment strategies for responding to examination reports, we also regularly represent clients in oral proceedings before the EPO’s Examining Divisions.

How can Murgitroyd help with your patent prosecution needs?

Here at Murgitroyd we have a wide geographical spread of experience, and are able to directly represent clients before the European Patent Office, as well as at national patent offices in the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Norway and Finland. We also have an extensive network of vetted partner firms that enable us to manage the worldwide prosecution of your patent portfolio.


To discuss your patent prosecution needs, contact us.

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