Alexandra Tyson

Patent Attorney
Patent Group
Trade Mark Group

Milton Keynes

  • Patents
  • European Patent Attorney
  • PhD Chemical Physics, Durham University
  • MChem Chemistry, Durham University
  • EPI – Member
  • CIPA – Student Member

With an academic background in both chemistry and physics, Alexandra Tyson is comfortable working with a broad range of technologies in the fields of chemistry, materials science, physics and engineering. She is particularly experienced at working on inventions within the fields of nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, polymers, composite materials, coatings, water oxygenation, photochemistry and spectroscopy, solid state lighting and mechanical devices.

Alexandra works with all types of clients — from multinationals to SMEs and individual inventors — throughout every stage of the patent lifecycle. She takes pleasure and pride in deeply getting to know her clients and their commercial goals to provide tailored advice.


Having graduated top of her academic class with a Masters in Chemistry from Durham University in 2015, Alexandra then completed a PhD, during which she designed and built a bespoke spectroscopy suite that included three spectroscopy experiments (reflectivity, transient absorption and second harmonic generation) to study the interfacial dynamics of the hydrated electron in different solvation environments.


Alexandra began training as a Patent Attorney in January 2019 and qualified as a European Patent Attorney in 2022. Before joining Murgitroyd in January 2023, Alexandra worked at another large patent attorney firm based in the UK.

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