Dr Michael Hurhangee

Patent Scientist


  • Patents
  • MSci Chemistry, Imperial College, London
  • PhD Chemistry, Imperial College, London

Michael Hurhangee joined Murgitroyd in February 2019 following the acquisition of Chapman IP by Murgitroyd. He joined Chapman IP in September 2017, having completed his PhD in Chemistry at Imperial College London, following on from his MSci in Chemistry degree from the same institution. He is at the beginning of his journey towards becoming a fully qualified patent attorney.

Michael’s PhD research focused on the synthesis and characterisation of new semiconducting polymers for organic electronic devices, and was undertaken as part of a multidisciplinary government funded project. Following the completion of his PhD, he spent several months working in Saudi Arabia, where he consulted on the research and development of new renewable technologies as part of the Solar Centre at KAUST.

Core Expertise: Chemistry, Materials science

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