Nick Hayden

Nick Hayden

Director, Patents
Patent Group


  • Patents
  • BSc Physics with Electronics, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology
  • MSc Management of Intellectual Property
  • Chartered Patent Attorney (UK)
  • European Patent Attorney

Nick Hayden has nearly twenty years’ experience working in private practice. During this time he’s gained extensive experience in all aspects of patent management, including drafting, prosecution (before the UKIPO and EPO), validity/infringement advice and opposition and appeal proceedings. He also has experience in the fields of copyright and design.

Nick has an honours degree in Physics with Electronics from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST). This was followed by a Masters in the Management of Intellectual Property from Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London. During this time, Nick got a thorough grounding in the full range of intellectual property laws.

He has looked after the patent interests of multinational companies and individual inventors, long-established companies and start-ups. That’s entailed the management of sizable patent portfolios covering a large number of jurisdictions. He places specific importance on considering a client’s needs from a commercial, as well as a legal, perspective.

With wide and varied technical specialisms, Nick is equally comfortable across electronic engineering, software and mechanical engineering. He has experience of drafting and prosecuting patents in technologies including lithography and metrology, mobile telephony, business methods, IC design and supercomputer systems.

He’s also worked extensively with optical devices, CMOS design, MPEG encoding technologies, electro-active lens design and chemical micro reactors. And he’s gained significant experience in offshore installations and engineering, welding technologies, remotely-operated vehicles and industrial automation systems.

Nick’s employment and educational experience also includes text processing and instrumentation, business methods, powerline communication and computer modelling systems for offshore oil and gas surveying.

Nick is based in the Glasgow Office.

Core Expertise: Electronics (analogue and digital), engineering, software, mobile telephony, IC design (including imaging and audio ICs, power supplies, charge pumps, switching regulation and current sense circuits), photolithography systems for IC manufacture (hardware and software, including EUV, DUV and immersion scanner systems, sources – laser produced plasma and laser, alignment systems, optical systems, stage systems and control systems), metrology systems for IC manufacture (hardware and software, including darkfield and brightfield scatterometry, e-beam/SEM metrology, HHG sources, optical systems, stage systems, data processing), artificial intelligence and machine learning, computer modelling systems (e.g., in offshore oil and gas surveying and IC manufacture process control), engine management systems, antenna design, data centres, supercomputer systems, optical devices, CMOS design, ophthalmic and electro-active lens design, powerline and WIFI communication networks, chemical micro reactors, offshore installations, offshore engineering, welding technologies, Remotely Operated Vehicles, industrial automation systems, text processing, display technologies including touchscreens, image processing, MPEG encoding technologies, seismic imaging, Lidar, SPADs and computer peripherals.

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