Kerstin Wagner-Amos

Senior German Translator

  • Diploma in Translation (Chartered Institute of Linguists, London)
  • PhD., Zoology (University of Adelaide, South Australia)
  • Diplom (Biologie) (Universität Bielefeld, Germany)

After a first career in the life sciences resulting in a PhD, Kerstin Wagner-Amos changed track and country. Gradually moving towards translation, she started her first full time position as translator with Murgitroyd in 2003 and never looked back.

Due to her background Kerstin has a passion for all subject fields related to the life sciences, medicine and chemistry, but over the years with Murgitroyd she has also obtained great experience in various other technical areas, for example photolithography, telecommunications or oil and gas production, and many more.

The bulk of her work is the translation of patents, with some oppositions, trademarks, communications, contracts and other documents thrown in. She manages our translation and terminology databases and is also involved in training new team members, acting as mentor when needed.

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