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A guide to intellectual property in the creative industries – protecting pitches, brands and concepts

Ever had a creative concept stolen by a client or prospective client? Are you certain that you legally ‘own’ your brand identity? Could you defend yourself if accused of copying someone else’s ideas?

Creatives face many IP issues. Our research is telling — few agencies understand IP. Fewer take steps to protect themselves.

The horror stories are real — agencies not getting paid by clients; clients being unable to use the names and logos you’ve developed for them; finding out that you don’t actually own your brand identity.

Ultimately, IP is everything in the creative industries. It’s your brand. Your ideas. Your client relationships. All are valuable and worth protecting.

IP law is complex and can be difficult to understand, but that shouldn’t be a barrier to protecting your business. Getting the right advice is crucial — and when you have the right partner, it’s straightforward.

We’ve advised agencies of all sizes for many years. Featuring expert opinions, insights and case studies, we’ve written this guide to help you grasp the basics and get some ideas about how to harness your IP to add greater value to your business and clients.


  • How to protect your ideas during the pitch process
  • Whose responsibility is IP — yours or the client’s?
  • How to know if a brand name is available to use
  • Contracts, licences and the dangers of DIY legal agreements
  • What action can you take if a client refuses to pay for your work?
  • How to protect your own brand from copycats and competitors
  • Should you trade mark your business name?
  • And much more…


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