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Coupling Romance with Intellectual Property

We love some of these romance-tinged Valentine’s Day-related patents. Maybe you could use some of these ideas on your loved one this February 14?


  1. Romantic Card –

To start us off we have the “Romantic Card” which on the face of it sounds like your standard Valentine’s Day card. However, the inventor here decided to try something different by adding “use zones” which let you add pictures, scents and even hair clippings!

  1. Heart Shaped Pepperoni Slice –

For all the pepperoni lovers out there this is a patent for a heart shaped pepperoni slice. The design patent application for this was filed in March 2003.

  1. Method and Instrument for Proposing Marriage to an Individual –

Also in 2003 Ryan Thomas Grace filed a patent application with the purpose being to “provide an improved method of proposing marriage to an individual”. Essentially, Mr Grace proposed to his other half by filing for a patent!

Unfortunately for Mr Grace, the application was rejected – hopefully his girlfriend didn’t reject him as well!

  1. Climbing Rose –

The first patent relating to a plant was for a variation of a rose, a flower always associated with Valentine’s Day. It was granted in 1931 to inventor Henry F. Bosenburg who claimed it was everblooming despite it being exactly the same as the well-known climbing rose.

If you know of any other fun Valentine’s Day patents or trade marks, please let us know!


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