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Extravagant New Year Patents

shutterstock_500497585With New Year (or Hogmanay if you live here in Scotland) having just passed we thought we would take a look at some intriguing patents to do with New Year’s related inventions that might have helped you celebrate the big night.

Synchronized confetti sprayer and descending illuminated ball – US 6260989

US patent 6260989 is an “illuminated celebratory device” that has a ball which lights up and then descends down the device before confetti is blown out. An LED digital display flashes when it hits midnight as well.

Chemiluminescent eyeglass frame – US 6196680

These novelty eyeglass frames would help you celebrate New Year in style! They are chemiluminescent which means that they will brighten up so you will stand out from the crowd.

Mobile celebration device – US 8936503

This fun accessory will really help you celebrate in style. The patent covers a bunch of celebratory devices including a ball dropper mounted on a hat or a ball dropper mounted on a pair of sunglasses.

Let us know if you have heard of any other fun New Year’s inventions!



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