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Interesting Christmas Patents

Since it’s approaching that time of year again we thought it would be nice to take a look at a few fun and interesting Christmas patents that have been filed over the years.shutterstock_111366560

Santa Claus detector
The Santa Claus Detector was designed as a novelty item for children that would signal the arrival of Santa Claus after he makes his way down the chimney.

Disguised as a stocking, the device would be attached to one side of ones fire place with a ribbon then going between the stocking and the other side of the fireplace. This would create a banner (see pictures in link) that, when broken, would set off an alarm and light show that signals the arrival of Santa.

Rotating Christmas tree stand
You’ll need to make sure you get the perfect Christmas tree if you have one of these stands as this rotating Christmas tree stand will let you see all angles of your tree (so no more hiding the ugly side of the tree against the wall!).

There is also a power socket that will prevent your lights from tangling.

Automatic fire extinguishing system for an existing Christmas tree and associated method
For the safety conscious, this fire extinguishing system for your Christmas tree will help avoid any Christmas day disasters. The device has a canister filled with a fire-retardant substance underneath the tree, a temperature gauge and a dispenser placed at the top of the tree.

Let’s hope this is something that you never have to use though!

Do you know of any other fun or interesting Christmas patents? Let us know!


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