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Launching a new product? Don’t forget about protecting your IP

Preparing for the launch of a new product is a busy time in any organisation. It is easy to get caught up in the actual product development, its production, tooling, delivery etc. But where are you in terms of your Intellectual Property! Have you discussed naming, trade marks, the potential for patent protection?

To help you, we’ve compiled a list of key IP points you need to consider when launching a new product:

  • Have you thought about patent protection for your new product? If your new product is solving a technical problem, improving an existing solution, using a new process or a new use for a product, you should definitely seek advice from an IP Attorney. You may be able to obtain a patent for your new product – and getting some initial advice to explore the possibility of applying for a patent is normally free (it is at Murgitroyd!).
  • Have you considered protecting the shape and appearance of your product? Design rights can protect the look, shape and surface decoration of your product. Again, talk to an IP Attorney who will help you understand what you can and can’t protect design-wise.
  • Have you thought about protecting your brand, logo or product name? A Trade Mark Attorney can make sure the name is freely available for you to use and then help you to protect it from copying or misuse.
  • Have you considered if your packaging can be protected? Yes, you can protect your packaging!
  • IP Attorneys can also help you get your new product description correct on your website or marketing materials so you don’t step on anyone else’s toes.
  • And they’ll make sure you own the copyright of the website and pictures you use to promote your new products.

For a more detailed explanation why not listen to our Innovation Talks podcast episode ‘Tips for Protecting New Products & Innovations‘ available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Spreaker, Deezer or Stitcher. Why not subscribe so you don’t miss our future episodes!

Speak to an Attorney before you launch a new product to discuss your IP now:

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Dr Thomas Gibb

Head of Professional Practice


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