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Pogo Shoes and Beach Boots – Patented Footwear Extremes

Have you ever been strolling down the beach with your dog or wandering along the sandy coastline during a summer holiday and thought to yourself, “I need some footwear to make this journey easier.”? Well, if you’re amongst the few who have, Beach boots could be what you’ve been searching for!

The US patent, issued in 1998, consists of small caterpillar tracks powered by a mini motor and battery pack concealed within the shoe. To move, you operate the switch mounted in your boot by your toes! To see the Beach Boots, please follow this link.

Our second example of strange footwear is the Pogo Shoe which can only be described as a pair of boots with a combination of a unicycle and a pogo stick attached to the bottom of them. We think they look pretty dangerous never mind being very impractical! Also worth noting that these contraptions come without brakes! See a picture of the Pogo Shoes here.


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