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Who’s For a Nice, Relaxing Game of Golf?

As you may know, the 2016 Masters starts next week and because of this we thought we could take a look at some of the more interesting golf patents there have been over the years.

The T3 Bionic Golfer

We start with the T3 Bionic Golfer which looks more like a slightly tortuous way of helping you with your swing. Your shoulders, arms, waist and legs are held by the T3 so it can improve your swing with the help of firm guidance. Every golf professional will tell you that the best way to improve your swing is to relax. We can’t see many players being able to relax when attached to this contraption!

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Harness for Towing a Golfer’s Pull Cart

Because pulling your own golf trolley is too difficult… This is basically just a harness which you clip from your belt to your trolley and it looks …interesting! Do you clip and unclip it whenever you are taking a shot? What happens when you are going down a hill? We don’t think being run over by your own golf trolley sounds overly appealing to be honest!

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Heel Mounted Sand Trap Rake for Golf Shoes

The Greenkeepers’ Nightmare might have been a more apt name for this 1991 patent. This is an accessory that you attach to a golf shoe to make it easier (in theory) to rake the bunker. Judging by the pictures however, it looks like it could do some real damage to the greens and fairways if you forget to raise it back up after you are finished using it.

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12 Gauge Golf Club

If you are struggling for distance with your drives then this invention could be the perfect solution. The 12 Gauge Golf Club patent was issued in 1979 in the US and features a barrel, muzzle and a trap door in the rear for loading your explosive charge.  This would have definitely helped with distance but I don’t think it would help you shanking it into the trees!

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Despite the good intentions we are not sure whether any of these inventions would have made it easier to enjoy a nice, relaxing round of golf but at least they would make it slightly more interesting (or dangerous!).


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