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Murgitroyd is a pan-European IP practice which has been operating across the UK and mainland Europe for over 40 years.

Our specialist Brexit team is keeping a close eye on the very latest developments and is on constant alert to inform you on the latest developments and answer any questions you may have.

We’ve set up a specific email address – – for any questions relating to Intellectual Property and Brexit. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

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Trade Marks

22 Feb 2019 | Numbering Format for UK Comparable Registrations Announced
17 Jan 2019 | Draft EU Trade Mark and Design Legislation Published to Cover No Deal Scenario
17 Jan 2019 | Trade Mark Licences, Co-Existence Agreements and Undertakings
15 Jan 2019 | Brexit, Trade Mark Registrations and Your Portfolio
13 Dec 2018 | Brexit – Update on Trade Marks


22 Mar 2019 | Update on changes to Designs if UK leaves EU without a deal
17 Jan 2019Draft EU Trade Mark and Design Legislation Published to Cover No Deal Scenario
13 Dec 2018 | Brexit – Update on Designs


21 Jan 2019 | Brexit – Patent Implications


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Director, Patents and Head of Designs Group

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