Murgitroyd Supports IP Inclusive

IP Inclusive ThumbnailMurgitroyd is proud to support the IP Inclusive initiative, which brings people from across the IP sector together to support a common goal – the promotion of equality, diversity and inclusion within our community.

Sub-groups that we also support within the IP Inclusive initiative are:

  • IP and ME – supporting ethnic minorities within the IP profession
  • IP Out – supporting the LGBT+ community within the IP profession
  • Women In IP – supporting women within the IP profession


Our IP Inclusive representatives within the business are:

IP Inclusive Representatives


Murgitroyd is a signatory of the IP Inclusive Charter, which means that we commit to supporting equality, diversity and inclusion by:

  1. Having in place a named individual within our organisation as Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer. This person will be sufficiently senior to make change happen and to be accountable for our progress.
  2. Having in place a written Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy for our organisation and making everybody in the organisation aware of it.
  3. Promoting openness and transparency so as to demonstrate merit-based equal opportunities in our recruitment and career progression processes.
  4. Acknowledging the effects of unconscious bias and introducing measures to tackle it.
  5. Monitoring and reporting internally on our progress using measures and at intervals that are appropriate to our size and nature.
  6. Sharing our experience within the IP Inclusive community to help build an effective network for equality, diversity and inclusion across the IP sector.

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