Our Communities

Employees in each of our offices have the opportunity to support charities and community organisations, whether by fundraising or through volunteering.

Charitable activities
We’ve held coffee mornings, abseiled, taken part in national events, walked around Edinburgh in kilts, collected food for local food banks and dressed up Christmas jumpers to support our various charities

We’ve also launched a new volunteering initiative, which has already seen employees from our Glasgow and London offices volunteering in community initiatives close to where they work.

In Glasgow, we have supported local community organisation Eadha Enterprises in Clyde Muirshiel National Park.  Eadha is striving to develop a unique model for social-economic growth in the area just outside Glasgow where mining has left land unusable. They have a number of different projects, including the Growing Green Energy Project in East Ayrshire and the Woodhall Park Project in Port Glasgow. All are focused on improving social and economic benefits to local communities suffering from unemployment and deprivation.

In London, ten volunteers helped out at Heathfield Ecology Centre in South Croydon. The ecology centre includes orchards which are home to many rare varieties of fruit trees, and is completely run by volunteers. It’s not far from the busy city centre, giving both children and adults the opportunity to understand more about trees and the natural world. The ecology centre is also home to a wildlife sanctuary, including a rescue centre.

We welcome applications for help from our volunteers. If you have a project you think we might be able to help with, please contact Margaret Hastie on +44 (0) 141 307 8400 or margaret.hastie@murgitroyd.com