Oil & Gas

Murgitroyd has been working with clients in the oil and gas industry from day one, over 45 years ago. Since then, we have built on our expertise and have a proud history of working closely with clients of all sizes within the energy industry. In our Aberdeen office alone, we have over 100 years of combined attorney experience in protecting the Intellectual Property of businesses in this agile, ever-changing field, giving us an unrivalled understanding of the needs and expectations of our clients.

Our expert team can help with inventions in fields including:

  • Exploration, including drilling, casing cementing and coiled tubing operations;
  • Production, including completion systems;
  • Reservoir treatment techniques;
  • Processing, including LNG conversion;
  • Surveying, including seismic analysis;
  • Upstream and downstream;
  • P&A (Plug & Abandonment) techniques;
  • Decommissioning operations and techniques
  • Workover techniques, including wireline intervention.

Our Team can offer a multitude of services tailored to each client’s needs, for example:

  • Bespoke advice and management of global IP portfolios;
  • Development and implementation of IP strategies appropriate for the needs and goals of the business;
  • Performing IP audits;
  • Conducting patentability searches & providing opinion thereon;
  • Conducting extensive multi-jurisdiction FTOs;
  • Drafting and developing robust patent portfolios;
  • Advising on and developing design and trade mark portfolios;
  • Advising on trade secrets and confidentiality;
  • Representing clients in front of Intellectual Property Offices;
  • Understanding and facilitating advice to R&D management;
  • Providing information and training sessions;
  • Consulting on due diligence projects and acquisitions;
  • Advising on contentious IP matters such as infringement threats and proceedings;
  • Advising on licensing matters;
  • Representing clients in opposition and revocation proceedings.

We take a holistic approach to each client’s IP strategy, working with you to develop and protect your IP portfolio in a way that most suits your business aims, providing practical, proactive advice. We can advise at any stage of the IP lifecycle, whether you have the formation of a concept, pending IP rights, or a mature portfolio. In addition to patent portfolios, we are experienced in advising on design rights, trade secrets and trade marks, and are especially skilled in blending these approaches to enhance the protection available.

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Wendy Crosby

Director, Patents and Head of Designs Group

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