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IP protection for the content creation, media, music & publishing industries

Whether you’ve developed a new TV program, written a best-selling book or are looking to commercialize your talents as a blogger, vlogger, Instagram star or recording artist, you need to think about trademark rights to:

  • Protect the name and brand you’ve worked so hard to build
  • Defend yourself against legal action from others with IP rights
  • Ensure your ability to merchandise and profit from your creativity
  • Protect your content from mimicry at home and overseas

Our expertise in media, music and publishing

Today, content creators can become overnight superstars. It’s vital that you get in early to protect yourself before you reach a level of fame where it becomes difficult to use your own name and produce your own merchandise without others getting a cut.

We conduct trademark searches to ensure that no one else has registered your name or brand, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll be protected against legal action. We provide cost-effective options for obtaining trademark protection around the world.

Our team of IP attorneys has a wealth of experience in working with publishers to get the right registrations in-hand, enabling the licensing of key assets like characters to help you merchandise.

We also work with production companies and filmmakers, who often think that the only legal nightmares they need to avoid are copyright infringement and the occasional defamation claim. This isn’t the case — you want to make sure that you don’t lose out on potential work if a competitor uses a trading or company name so like your own that customers get confused. You also need to be certain that you can use the same title when you’re recommissioned for series two and stop others using your branding for products that you want to licence.

IP rights can unlock new revenue streams across the media, music and publishing industries, ensuring that you get the best possible return for your creativity.

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Sharon Kirby

Senior Trade Mark Attorney

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