Green chemistry

IP protection for green chemistry innovations

If you’re active in the consumer and industrial products supply chain, you’re incentivised to develop greener, more sustainable products and processes. Patent protection is fundamental to protecting your innovation efforts, driving product development and enhancing the value of your company — inspiring environmental awareness and better living.

Our expertise in green chemistry intellectual property

We understand the interdisciplinary nature of green chemistry and our diverse team of IP attorneys can help you protect the innovative research and development of alternative, green and sustainable technologies. Our expertise includes chemical synthesis (organic, inorganic, catalysis systems and processes), recyclable and compostable materials, renewable energy (including fuel cells, photovoltaics, energy storage and proportion systems), food production, packaging, clothing/textiles and waste management.

Our knowledge of the technologies associated with lifecycle sustainability enable us to aid your decision-making process and work with you to develop a bespoke IP strategy.

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Director, Patents

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