Docketing & paralegal services

Our complete range of paralegal and docketing solutions can help you to accurately and efficiently manage your IP. Entirely scalable and flexible, our service can be tailored to meet your precise needs, helping you keep costs low while enhancing your internal processes.

Flexible & scalable

We can provide permanent, on-demand or one-off support, tailored to your specific staffing needs. Our talented and experienced people will integrate seamlessly with your team

High quality, accurate service

Our secure system and highly experienced team manage deadlines as well as the prosecution and portfolio management processes for tens of thousands of patents and trademarks across their lifecycles. We adhere to strict quality standards while completing work quickly and cost-effectively.

Save time & money

Using us to manage some or all of your docketing and paralegal needs can lower your costs and improve the efficiency of your internal processes, helping you to deliver a better standard of service.

Paralegal Services

  • Information Disclosure Statement (IDS)
  • Portfolio cross-referencing
  • Patent proofreading
  • Assignment recordation
  • Global asset transfers/ownership updates
  • Document preparation and filing
  • Translations
  • Formal drawings

Docketing Solutions

  • Permanent or ad-hoc support
  • Portfolio onboarding
  • Data verification & normalization
  • Record backfilling
  • Report preparation & delivery
  • Data migration

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