Working With You

Our European IP attorney and Client Service teams have exceptional experience in every field. They’ve worked in the public and private sectors, with start-up businesses and university spin-outs, with multi-national corporations and with law practices. That means we can always provide the specialized people you need. We take the time to listen, to learn how we can best work together, then work as part of your team.

Our Client Commitment

Our European IP attorneys have exceptional experience in every field and are available to provide specialist help to our clients. Our people take time to listen to you, to learn how to support you and then work with you as part of a team.

Client care

Murgitroyd has invested in dedicated client relationship managers, as well as a Director of Client Care. That’s because we believe in delivering exceptional service to our clients. We want to be sure every interaction, throughout the entire IP lifecycle, delivers not only the results you need, but the experience you deserve. That means continually adapting to your needs, as well as to changes in the market, sector and customer landscapes. And we do that by listening to you. We learn about your business, your sector and your objectives.

We build a partnership with you, working as an extension of your team. We use superb technology that allows us to create custom instructions, so whatever your IP needs, large or small, we’ll deliver.


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Jamie LeLiever

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Guaranteed quality

Murgitroyd is one of just a handful of legal groups who have taken the extra step to earn ISO quality accreditation. We’re proud to have held ISO 9001 certification since 1994, and we continually work to maintain the extremely high standards that this denotes.

Why did we make the effort?  Simply because it’s the most powerful way to guarantee all our offices, across Europe and in the US, offer our clients the same seamless, consistent, exceptional service.

There are many other reasons our clients turn to us — in many cases for years without interruption — for their global IP needs.

Our technology

Innovation brings strategic advantages. That’s why we’ve developed Murgitroyd IP Portal, a proprietary software that helps you control your own IP portfolio. The fully customizable Client Portal gives easy access to background and detailed information about your IP, as well as case files related to your filings. It lets you create your own docketing systems, generates fast, accurate cost estimates, and allows you to issue instructions electronically. In short, it’s designed so you can use it in the way that suits you best.  You’ll also benefit from special discounted pricing.

We believe our Client Portal is the best in the industry. It’s more than a tool, it’s a portfolio management solution in itself. To make sure it stays that way, we’re continually updating and developing it. We also continue to innovate to develop future user experience improvements. And because it’s our technology, it costs you nothing.


It’s our aim, always, to work efficiently and effectively with you. So our systems allows us to deliver what you need from any of our offices throughout Europe and in the US.  That means no matter where you’re based, we can continue to take care of your needs.

We always make sure you have the right support team in place, whether you need outsourced docketing assistance or a European patent attorney. We’ll partner with your in-house counsel, or fill that role for you. However we work together, we’ll make sure the processes are simple and the experience is seamless.

Adding value

Protecting your IP globally doesn’t have to be expensive. With 15 offices across Europe, giving us direct representation rights in 15 European territories, we’re able to offer local representation at excellent rates. We’ll make sure you have the right team in place, so you’ll only pay for the support you really need. And we have established, long-term relationships with trusted partner firms to cover those areas where we don’t have our own team. Those relationships allow us to pass cost savings on to you.

Cost savings are a major consideration. But these work hand in hand with added value. We’ll not only identify IP opportunities, we’ll also consider how to turn them to commercial advantage.

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