Nouveau COO et nouveau Directeur Général

Murgitroyd 54

Murgitroyd vient de nommer un nouveau COO et un nouveau Directeur Général chargé des marques, dessins et modèles. Murgitroyd a le plaisir d’annoncer deux nominations à son équipe de direction.

Helen Archibald rejoint Murgitroyd comme nouvelle Directrice des Opérations.

Joanne Lecky est nommée Directrice Générale chargée des Marques.

Gordon Stark, le PDG de Murgitroyd, commente ainsi : “Innovation has never been more important to companies and this demand is providing us with opportunities to support our clients as they look to use that innovation to create a competitive advantage and enhance company value. As one of the world’s largest patent and trade mark attorney firms, Murgitroyd has ambitions to grow further and having the right senior team in place to support that growth is vital.

“We are thrilled to attract someone of Helen’s calibre to Murgitroyd. Helen will lead business operations across our international office network and her experience in legal professional services will enhance our ability to focus on strategic delivery, operational efficiency and the use of technology to support our growth ambitions. Helen’s background in HR will also be important in supporting and developing the talent within the company, as our people are at the heart of our business.

“Joanne Lecky is a skilled trade mark attorney, trusted by her clients to protect their brands. She has also demonstrated the drive and leadership skills to ensure that our trade mark group remains a leader in its field and responds to the changing needs of brand owners as they embrace an increasingly digital world. Joanne’s appointment reflects the importance which we place within Murgitroyd on providing tangible opportunities for career development, as the company grows.”

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