Ben Grau

Dr Ben Grau

Director, Patents
Patent Group


  • Patents
  • Trade Marks
  • Certified Biologist
  • PhD with a focus on molecular biology, neurobiology and biophysics
  • German Patent and Trade Mark Attorney
  • European Trade Mark and Designs Attorney
  • European Patent Attorney
  • OCC Committee (EPI)

Ben Grau studied biology at the Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich, where he focused on pharmacology and toxicology, physiological botany, systematic botany and ecology. He specialised in neurobiology, molecular biology, genetics, microscopy and biophysics.

He has extensive experience of drafting, prosecuting and enforcing German patent applications in the field of life sciences, and more specifically in the areas of molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology, genetics, and green technologies. He specialised in working in combination with IT technologies, and in the field of computer-implemented inventions.

His IP expertise includes handling prosecution of national and international trademark and design applications, patent and trademark litigation matters, state of the art and legal status searches, preparing opinions on freedom to operate or infringement. He also advises and supports clients in the area of plant protection rights.

Ben previously worked on a research project funded by Marie-Curie fellowships, focusing on regulation of genexpression on a transcriptional level in eukaryotic cells at the Cajal Institute, CSIC, Madrid. Ben was elected into the Online Communications Committee of the EPI in 2020.

Core Expertise: Molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology, genetics, green technologies, IT technologies, computer technology, pharmacology, toxicology, physiological botany, systematic botany, ecology, neurobiology, genetics, microscopy, biophysics, computer implemented inventions, artificial intelligence (AI), 3D printing.



  • Grau et al. Transcriptional adaptor ADA3 of Drosophila melanogaster is required for histone modification, position effect variegation, and transcription. Mol Cell Biol (2008) vol. 28 (1) pp. 376-85
  • Grau et al. Adenosine induces growth-cone turning of sensory neurons. Purinergic Signal (2008) pp.
  • Sahota et al. Troponin I and Tropomyosin regulate chromosomal stability and cell polarity. J. Cell. Sci. (2009) vol. 122 (Pt 15) pp. 2623-31
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