Davide Roncuzzi

Davide Roncuzzi

Patent Attorney
Patent Group


  • Patents
  • Trade Marks
  • Designs
  • University degree in Mechanical Engineering, University of Bologna
  • European Patent Attorney
  • Italian Patent Attorney
  • Italian Trademark Attorney
  • San Marino Patent Attorney
  • San Marino Trademark Attorney
  • Community Trademark and Design Authorised Representative

Davide Roncuzzi joined Murgitroyd in April 2019, as a patent and trademark attorney after significant experiences as in-house attorney in two IP law firms, before and after 4 years spent as IP Department manager in the industry. Particularly, after a first training period at Studio Torta, mainly focused on automation and manufacturing methods, at the end of the ‘90s Davide caught the opportunity to start up the IP Department of Technogym, a very well known company in the fitness industry. This allowed him to understand how a very fast developing Italian company, always in contact with famous research centres, approaches the various aspects of IP rights and of the Internationalisation of internal processes, leading him to mature the idea to start his own business in 1999. He firstly started as private practitioner for the first IP Law company established in the Republic of San Marino and then proceeded as startupper of a new IP law firm, active on all aspects of IPRs since 2004. Since the beginning, he has matched both the activities of practitioner and tutor of trainees without any specific experience in the field of IPRs, to let them develop skills of para-legal and practitioners.

Due to the specific location of his origin, during the years Davide has developed a significant experience in the protection of designs and in the creation and defence of trademarks for the food industry.

Davide has been involved in Academic courses focused on IPRs for many years, as lecturer on practical issues related to filing and prosecution of national and international IPRs cases and currently collaborates with University of Ferrara. Currently, he is member of the Confindustria Romagna steering committee (in representation of the Ravenna’s area), and of the education committee. Davide works with our team in Milan.

Core Expertise: General mechanics and automation; plants and machines for the packaging industry; folding units; planing machines for the tile industry; plants for recycling plastic; plants and machines for the cigarette industry; gear reduction units; devices for motor yachts and sailing boats; live rafts; sails and multi-layer bodies for civil engineering; anchor winches; grippers for laying and handling pipes and umbilicals; winches; floodlight illumination plants and devices; exercise machines for aerobic and anaerobic workouts either mechanical and electrically driven; units for cardiovascular rehabilitation; medical and bodycare devices.

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