Marina Mauro

Dr Marina Mauro

Director, Patents
Patent Group


  • Patents
  • European Patent Attorney
  • Italian Patent Attorney
  • Chemistry PhD, University of Milan (Italy)
  • Chemistry Degree, University of Milan (Italy)
  • European Patent Litigator (Diploma at University of Strasbourg)

Marina Mauro’s core area of expertise lies within the field of organic chemistry with a particular focus on pharmaceutical drugs and imaging agents for diagnostic medicine such as x-ray imaging, magnetic resonance imaging, contrast enhanced ultrasound and nuclear medicine through radioactive tracers.

Marina has significant experience in developing and managing worldwide patent portfolios – preparation and prosecution of patents- around new therapeutic and diagnostic products and also advises on both patentability (opinion) and freedom to operate (FTO) aspects related thereto. Marina also advises clients on Supplementary Patent Certificates (SPCs) and was appointed by Italian Judges as a technical expert in patent and SPC litigations. Marina’s experience in managerial roles developed in multinational pharma companies, such as GlaxoSmithKline and Bracco Group, allows her to fully understand strategic IP needs of companies alike. At the same time, Marina’s attitude to work with her clients lends itself to working integrally with small and medium sized companies or research centres in order to develop their IP estate and derive maximum return from their IP spend by implementing the teachings learnt in a multinational environment. Marina is a qualified European Litigator able to represent the Clients in front to the European Unified Court.

Marina’s scientific background includes a Doctorate in Chemistry from the University of Milan and research undertaken at the Sigma-Tau Prassis Institute for three years as a senior scientist looking for finding new antihypertensive drugs. She is the author of scientific publications and an inventor of patents. Her experience as a scientist allows her to have a good understanding of the scientific environment in various chemical fields.

Marina joined Murgitroyd in 2011 at the Milan office. Marina is now a Senior Patent Attorney. In 2010 Marina was elected as a Council Member of the Italian Industrial Property Consultants Institute. She is actively involved in lecturing on IP related issues, including being a CEIPI tutor in the two-year Basic Training in European Patent Law Course held in Milan and seminars at the University of Milan.

Marina is part of the Patent Box team and in on hand to advise clients with business interests in Italy on how maximise benefit from the Patent Box regime.

Marina was appointed Director, Patents in August 2021.

Core Expertise: chemistry, organic chemistry, materials, life sciences, healthcare, pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical drugs, diagnostic medicine, x-ray imaging, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasounds, nuclear medicine, radioactive tracers, diagnostic products, antihypertensive drugs

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