Umama Bendaoud

Patent Scientist
Patent Group


  • Patents
  • BEng Chemical Engineering (1st Class Honours), University of Aberdeen

Umama Bendaoud specialises in the field of engineering, with a focus on chemicals, materials and renewables.

While studying for her degree in chemical engineering, Umama was awarded the Marathon Prize for outstanding academic achievement. She also undertook an internship with Centrica, where she analysed the commercial viability of green hydrogen as a sustainable fuel in both industrial and domestic settings.

Umama further worked on a laboratory-based undergraduate research project on battery and fuel cell technology. For this, she examined a series of newly synthesised samples to investigate the potential of liquid crystallinity properties to be used as electrolytes. This led to Umama collaborating on and publishing a research paper on a series of dicationic ionic liquids that exhibit exceptional conductivities to benchmark electrolytes in batteries and fuel cells. The discovery of these materials will be vital in driving the energy transition.

Having joined Murgitroyd in 2022, Umama is currently working to become a qualified UK and European patent attorney.

Core Expertise: Materials engineering, liquid crystals engineering, chemical engineering, process engineering.