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Maximising your protection from Design Registration

Design Registration is often overlooked when considering options for IP protection, but it is an invaluable tool for many businesses – especially when wanting to protect a number of variations to a design / product.

The registration process differs from patent registration in that the submission is not text based, but instead image focussed. Acceptable submissions for a design registration can take the form of photos, CAD drawings, line drawings and on occasion a physical sample may be accepted.

Here are some key do’s and don’ts for your Design Registration:


  • File line drawings – this gives you the broadest protection as the registration is for overall shape rather than any colours, textures etc used.
  • Make sure your drawings only show the features you want to protect.
  • Get it right – there is no real opportunity to change a design once submitted – even small tweaks, so make sure you are happy with the design you are registering
  • Consider a multiple design application – this lets you protect various elements within a design, creating a very defensive position against competitors


  • Limit your designs unnecessarily – the more detail you include, the narrower your protection against competitors copying your designs
  • Be put off by the cost – design registration is a cost effective method of protection, with a discounted scale available from the IP Office for multiple design applications


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