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Finding the right Intellectual Property adviser for me

Selecting an IP adviser whether you are an individual inventor, Head of R&D or responsible for the legal side of an SME, can sometimes feel daunting. To assist you with your selection process, we’ve put together a list of key qualities to look for in an IP Attorney.

This list was created from our own research and from the feedback we received during client audits. It’s important that you select:

  • An IP Attorney who has the relevant skills and experience of your sector, products and your market. That they are a Patent, Trade Mark or Design Rights specialist, dependent on your needs.
  • An IP Attorney who you feel, personality-wise, could be a key partner to your management team.
  • An IP Attorney who takes the time to learn about your business and to understand the management pressures you are under.
  • An IP Attorney who communicates regularly and produces the right information, delivered when you need it and crafted in a format to meet to your specific needs and the demands on your business.
  • An IP Attorney who aids your management strategy, who understand the KPIs and key performance targets you have to achieve.
  • An IP Attorney who, when working with in-house IP departments, is the single point of contact providing a smooth liaison to the external team.
  • An IP Attorney who understands how a business generates revenue and is able to highlight potential cost points, not only in the present but also in the years ahead.
  • An IP Attorney who will help you understand the various steps along the lifecycle of IP, who will work with you to set-up checks and measures before you incur any further costs. Someone who can also assist you by providing information on potential grants, tax relief or funding sources.
  • An Attorney who has the expertise and practical experience to guide and help manage your IP strategy throughout the life of the product – making sure the Intellectual Property you hold is well protected and strategically contributing to the success of the business.

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