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Murgitroyd is one of the largest firms of patent and trade mark attorneys in Europe. We have 13 European offices, two client liaison offices in the US and an office in Nicaragua which handles patent searching. We also work with trusted partner firms worldwide. Taken together, that gives us outstanding global reach and the ability to represent our clients wherever they need us to.

Our team of highly-educated and experienced attorneys is supplemented by an outstanding support services team. We offer an extraordinary depth of knowledge across a range of scientific, technological, creative and consumer sectors. We carefully select the right people for each client, creating bespoke teams to match our expertise with your needs. 

With seven offices across the UK – in Aberdeen, Belfast, Glasgow, London, London City, Newcastle and York – we offer a country-wide network of IP support. Wherever you’re based, we’ll provide the people who best match your needs. We represent UK clients at home or overseas, and overseas clients within the UK. And while English is our first language, we’re able to deal with you in your language and currency of choice, all through one point of contact.

Our vision is simple. We treat you as a partner, anticipating and delivering the IP support you need. We aim, always, for exceptional service. And we deliver outstanding technical and legal expertise on all IP matters, throughout Europe and beyond.


For further information on the IP support services we provide in the UK, contact James Brown.

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James D Brown

C-Level Executive / Head of Practice - Patents: Mechanical

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