No. 40

An Alternative Way of Skiing That Didn’t Really Take Off

This week we pay a visit to a website that is a favourite of ours here at Heavens to Murgitroyd:, a website dedicated to the daftest patents granted in the US!

Of the dozens of patent titles in the archive, it was the “Shin Skis” that caught our eye this week. Consisting of what looks like a ski folded in half for each leg as well as hand-held mini skis for you to hold, the skier is down on all fours and, according to the inventor, experiences an enhanced feeling of speed. It’s not very obvious from the images available here but it looks like you need to use your toes to brake – yikes!

While it’s true you have a shorter distance to fall if you take a tumble in the snow, it’s also true that you’ll look a bit daft next to your fellow skiers!

This patent was issued in 1972 and since we’ve not seen the “Shin Skis” filling the slopes of Chamonix and Whistler alike, we think it’s fairly safe to say most skiers are happy on their feet!