No. 2

A Cozy Coupé for Adults?

Many of you may remember a small red and yellow car from when you were little; an iconic children’s toy, which has sold over 22 million units in the last 35 years. So how would you like to be taken back to your youth and drive one again – this time on the road? 

Well, two brothers from Bitmead in Oxfordshire decided to do just that and have turned an old Daewood Matiz into a full size version of the Little Tikes Cozy Coupé! Their version, which is capable of doing a top speed of 70mph, comes complete with working headlights, mirrors, seat belts and even an airbag.

And this is not the first time, a larger than normal version has been created. In 2012, and to celebrate the Cozy Coupé being named the best-selling car in the UK of that year, Little Tykes themselves made a Giant Cozy Coupé, big enough to fit a six foot tall man.

As the IPK at has identified, what are the possible copyright, design rights and passing off issues relating to this creation? We think very little as there has been no interest expressed in producing this replica commercially, however, maybe that’s something we would all like to see!

Pictures of the life size version can be viewed here.