No. 44

Could A Doughnut-Shaped Aircraft Really Take Off?

In Edition 33 of Heavens to Murgitroyd, we shared with you the patent application that Airbus had filed for an isolation helmet for air passengers who were frightened of flying to wear during their flight. Now the French company has filed a patent for a doughnut-shaped concept plane.

The futuristic design has curved aisles and travellers would board via an escalator and an “access hatch”. Economy passengers would be seated on the outer circle with business class on the inner part of the ring. To have a look at some of the patent drawings, please follow this link.

The patent application states that the concept plane would be free from the stress that the cabin pressure places on cylindrical aircraft which results in a more efficient and economic plane.

Airbus admits that it is an application that may not come to anything but that some of their 600+ annual patent applications “become the seed for other ideas with practical use”.

We’re not sure we’ll see too many of them in the skies in the future but you never know….