No. 25

Even The Most Famous Footballers Have Their IP Problems

Cristiano Ronaldo, one the most famous footballers in the world, is facing a trade mark battle in the United States.

Sports enthusiast Christopher Renzi registered the trade mark ‘CR7’ in 2008 for use on jeans and t-shirts in the U.S. However, the CR7 logo is perhaps now more recognized and associated with Christiano Ronaldo and his famous number 7 jersey which he has played in every season since his first with Real Madrid.

Presently, Ronaldo, who is represented by the JBS Textile Group, “holds an exclusive, worldwide license’ to market underwear under CR7 and CR7 Christiano Ronaldo and has plans to expand into the U.S market. There have been numerous accusations from both sides regarding misrepresentation and trade mark infringement and we will simply need to wait and see how a court the U.S District Court decides.