No. 57

From Puddings to Patents!

baking pictureThe Great British Bake off ( has returned to UK screens and we at Glasgow Heavens To Murgitroyd HQ are hooked! Therefore, this week we have decided to look into food patents that are equally as off the wall as the dishes we have seen on the show this week.

  1. The combination of a hamburger bun and a hotdog bun: see image

Yes, you heard that right, and we have never seen one either but believe it or not, it’s patented! This was designed to allow those who can’t decide whether they want a burger or a hot dog, to eat both at once. (Patent: US D584478 S1)

  1. Marshmallow confectionary with melt resistant properties

Marshmallows are great. You can add them to hot drinks, toast them on the barbeque, use them to make your favourite Rice Krispy cake recipe, dip them in chocolate, and so much more. So, this invention of melt resistant marshmallows bamboozled us slightly… why would anyone want a MELT RESISTANT marshmallow? Well, it turns out they are very relevant in the world of baking: when marshmallows are exposed to high temperatures for a length of time, the air cells expand and the gelatine destabilises, reducing the marshmallow to a liquid state, which then dissolves into the baking mixture. Therefore, melt resistant marshmallows are often used in baking as they remain solid, even when the cake is being baked in the oven at high temperatures. (Patent: CA 2205225 C)

  1. Refrigerated solid batter

This is the official name for packaged dry mixes used to make cakes, cookies, muffins, bread and so on. This allows people to bake treats in half the time and still experience the great taste of home baking – however we’re not sure Mary Berry would agree! (Patent: US 3449131 A)

  1. Edible business cards: see image

Edible business cards were designed to draw more attention to companies because they are both informative and edible. This business card may be a more memorable way of advertising your services, however, the risk is that important information engraved could disappear before getting the chance to benefit the company! (Patent: US D493601 S1)

  1. Recipes, methods and processes

Interestingly, you can also patent select baking recipes, methods and processes! Thousands of recipes worldwide are already patented. Some that caught our eye include: gluten free dough, cheese flavoured cakes without the use of cheese and bake-stable food filling methods.

How do you know if your recipe can be patented?

If the recipe is useful, novel, non-obvious and of a patentable subject matter then it is possible that your recipe can be patented. Hopefully the Bake Off contestants have kept this in mind!

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