No. 14

Glasses for Chickens and Other Eyewear Inventions

Yes, you read that correctly. Glasses for Chickens; a legitimate patent filed in 1903!

The original patent was filed by Andrew Jackson under the title ‘Eye-Protector for Chickens’ was designed to prevent chickens from pecking each other’s eyes out. Inventors in the coming years developed this idea creating red plastic lenses with rose tinted glass. 2-3 million pairs were reported to have been sold by 1955. The red lenses were developed further and quite successfully in 1989, with many farmers reporting an improvement in their chickens’ behaviour, before the glasses were found to be causing health problems for the animals themselves.

This is one of only a few interesting eyewear inventions we’ve been reading about this week. Others include anti-fog glasses, D-shaped lenses and illuminated spectacle frames. You can find out more about these here.