No. 10

A New Way to Commute – A Briefcase on Wheels?

So most of us travel to work by car, train or by bus so carrying a heavy bag might not be too much of an issue but what if you travel by skateboard?

Well inventor Alexei Novitzky from Florida had just this problem and went on to solve it himself by inventing his own ‘briefcase on wheels’: a type of skateboard with an added compartment for storage.

This ‘briefcase on wheels’ is made from putting two skateboards together with the addition of an extra compartment (also made out of wood), a hinge and a handle. The compartment itself is big enough to hold all the essentials including a tablet, a phone, pencil case and keys.

Alexei began selling his, now patented, BriefSkate by single customised order last year. However, through the crowd funding website Kickstarter, he has now started to manufacture a basic model of the BriefSkate for £90 ($150).

To see a picture of the BriefSkate, and if you’re a keen skateboarder find out how to get your own, please click here.