No. 32

A Patent-Filled Oktoberfest

Munich’s annual Oktoberfest starts on 20 September this year but did you know that the celebration has a closer link to intellectual property than just taking place in the same city as the European Patent Office.

With growing visitor numbers from across the globe, there is a constantly growing demand for bigger and better rides, the need for increased security measures and, of course, more beer consumption. The result is that there is a continuous investment in and improvement to technologies associated with the festival.

Here are some Oktoberfest themed facts for you:

  • Patented turbo beer taps are often used to pour 60,000 and 70,000 litres of beer per day!
  • At the EPO, there are 1,813 patents for beer taps, 285 patents for chicken rotisseries and 43 patents on Ferris-wheel technology!
  • A patented magnetic braking system is used on the world’s highest transportable drop tower. After an 80 metre drop, the system cushions the landing and brings passengers safely back to earth!