No. 12

The Real Bilbo Baggins and the Hungry Hobbit Café

Following on from last week’s World IP Day movie themed article, we thought we’d share with you another movie themed IP story, this time involving the famous Bilbo Baggins.

The rights of the infamous Hobbit character and Tolkien’s novels belong to Saul Zaentz Company (SZC) and are, understandably, fiercely protected.

Henry Spurway’s Bilbo Baggins (a little-known Scottish band who once sang backing vocals for the Bay City Rollers),  Birmingham’s Hungry Hobbit café and The Hobbit pub in Southampton are all tributes to the book that have been opposed by SZC. The characters in the book were protected, and while the abovementioned band and establishments meant to cause no harm to the Tolkien brand, all were made to change their names.

This was most disappointing for Henry Spurway’s Bilbo Baggins band who had recently tried to reform! We wonder what they will call themselves now?

Can you think of any other establishments or bands which are named after fictional characters?