No. 7

Rock’n’Roll Star Applies for ‘Britpop’ Drinks Trademark

Alex James, the former bass player of Blur, may not be someone you usually associate with Intellectual Property. However, in a move away from the music scene, Alex bought a farm and began producing cheese and has since expanded into the drinks market. Not something you’d expect from a rock’n’roll star.

Alex has recently applied for a trademark, under the name ‘Britpop’, for use on a new range of drinks.  He has applied under class 32 and 33 which will cover both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. His application was published earlier this year for consultation.

As mentioned, this is not Alex’s first food or drink venture and he is well respected for his line of award winning cheeses, which he developed from his farm in Oxfordshire. Some of his cheeses include Blue Monday, which was named after his favourite New Order song and Little Wallop, a soft goat’s cheese washed in Somerset cider brandy and wrapped in vine leaves.

We’ll just need to wait and see if any old rivals have any trouble with his ‘Britpop’ name!