No. 42

Thanksgiving Trade Marks

This week’s Heavens to Murgitroyd has a Thanksgiving theme and looks at some of the associated trade marks.

One of the best known traditions is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Paradefeaturing a huge variety of balloons, floats and performers. An estimated 70,000 people went to watch the parade on the streets of New York yesterday and a further 50 million watched in on TV. Macy’s obtained a trade mark for their parade in 1998 despite this year’s event being the 88th edition.

Gluttony is commonplace over Thanksgiving and Christmas. But not just for people, it seems. Follow this link to see a can of “Thanksgiving Day Dinner” dog food which has been trademarked by Merrick Pet Care.

Lastly, and still on the theme of gluttony, there’s nothing worse than being restricted by a pair of skinny jeans of similar when you’re eating like there’s no tomorrow. You probably remember that scene from Friends where Joey changes into his “Thanksgiving pants”? Well, the Beekman Boys (of farmer reality TV show fame) have a pending trademark application for pyjama bottoms referred to as “Thanksgiving pants”.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American clients and colleagues!