No. 51

You Need to Witness Some of These Fitness Patents to Believe Them!

Many of us will have started 2016 with the New Year’s resolution of going to the gym more or trying to eat more healthily. We are three months into the year and already a lot of us will have given up on that idea and gone back to the norm!

This month we are looking at health and fitness patents that tried (and failed) to make it easier for us to keep our New Year’s resolutions.

Anti-Eating Face MaskWe start with the Anti-Eating Face Mask which, in case you haven’t guessed, is a mask placed over your mouth to stop yourself from eating. The original patent, filed in August 1982, tried to help people who couldn’t fight the temptation to eat and, according to the description, those most susceptible to temptation were chefs and housewives who are apparently both prone to nibbling on food when cooking meals. The picture gets scarier the more you look at it!

Butt MasterThe Butt Master’s patent was issued in 1998 and was designed to make it easier for whoever was using it to get a peachy back side by simply walking. If the illustration is anything to go by, however, it doesn’t look like it would be at all comfortable to use. For the fashionable among us too, a key consideration would be whether to wear your clothes over or under it! Personally, we wouldn’t be wearing it anywhere people could see us!

Bike and massageBack in 1972, someone came up with the brilliant idea of using an exercise bike to give you a massage at the same time. The device, which on the patent application was shown as a belt to go around your waist, inflates and deflates as you cycle to give your waist what presumably is more of a tight squeeze than a massage, which we don’t think would be the nicest experience ever.

Gym and health fads come and go all the time but we are quite glad none of these took off!