Meet uFraction8 – 2017 Winner

Meet the first Innovator Launchpad winner Dr Brian Miller, CEO and co-founder of uFraction8 who along with his business partner Dr Monika Tomecka began the biotech start-up from Edinburgh’s Heriot-Watt University.

uFraction8’s technology centres on a new liquid particle processing technology which offers superior performance and cost savings against the three big liquid processing technologies: filtration, flow centrifugation and flocculation. Clever stuff!

The technology has multiple applications including enhancing food security, increasing access to medicines and nutrients, preserving ocean life and enhancing operational capabilities of humanitarian aid missions.

He described winning Innovator Launchpad last Spring as a great helping hand which acted as a stepping stone that enabled the company to go on to get consultancy work done on regulatory compliance. “This helped build a case to take to potential investors in order to look to scale our production up to industry standards.”

“It’s not just the cash, but also the intellectual property advice provided by Murgitroyd that came in useful: this helped us to assess the value we can add to the company through intellectual property”.

uFraction8 are now working on demonstrating their technology in a scaled-up unit, running multiple modules.

After demonstrating this scalability, they are looking to raise investment to package their technology into a product, and ensure they comply with regulations that are relevant to customers. They hope to launch their first industrial product in late 2019/early 2020 so you will no doubt be hearing a lot more from them soon!

The Innovator Launchpad Team wish Brian and Monika great success in the future!

If you think you’ve got what it takes to win this year’s Innovator Launchpad award with a cash prize of £6,500 as well as an advice and PR package, apply today. Good luck!