Jocelyn Retter

Patent Attorney
Patent Group

  • Brevetti
  • MPhys Physics, Oxford University
  • DPhil (Optical and Atomic Physics), University of Sussex
  • Chartered Patent Attorney
  • European Patent Attorney

Jocelyn Retter drafts and prosecutes patent applications across a wide range of technologies in the electronics and engineering sectors, including optics, semiconductors, telecommunications and software inventions.

Before entering the profession, Jocelyn worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Institut d’Optique in France in the field of cold atoms and Bose-Einstein Condensation. Jocelyn’s DPhil involved developing an atom chip for manipulating laser-cooled atoms.

Jocelyn entered the profession in 2006, and joined UDL in 2007 from another firm of patent attorneys. Jocelyn is fluent in French.

Jocelyn joined Murgitroyd as part of the addition of the UDL team to the Murgitroyd team in October 2021.

Jocelyn is based in our Newcastle Office.

Core expertise: software and related technology, electronics and medical devices.

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