Docketing is the way IP professionals manage deadlines and documents associated with the patent and trademark application process.  An effective docketing system is particularly important when managing the prosecution process of hundreds of different patents and trademarks over a time period of many years. 

Our clients appreciate that we can provide a full docketing solution or can function as an extension of their existing intellectual property admin team.

Eden Stright, US Managed Services

Murgitroyd’s dedicated intellectual property docketing team is highly experienced in working with the EPO, WIPO and national PTOs to handle all correspondence and formalities across the prosecution cycle.  Our clients find that outsourcing some or all of their docketing needs results in more efficient internal processes, affording in-house lawyers and paralegals more time to focus on premium services.

Our team is proficient in a variety of docketing systems and will work to ensure a smooth integration process.  All services are fulfilled in-house in order to maintain the highest standards of confidentiality and security on your intellectual property assets.

Our team will:

  • Process and docket all incoming actions
  • Upload all images and files associated with corresponding actions
  • Maintain database with respect to deadlines
  • Prepare docket reports
  • Deliver docket reports at predefined intervals
  • Correspond via phone and email as required to ensure effective task completion


To discuss your paralegal service requirements please contact Eden Stright or Michael Chernoff.

Eden Stright

Director, Strategic Client Solutions

Michael B Chernoff

Managing Director, Strategic IP Solutions

Our experts will help you with:

  • STRATEGY – building an IP strategy tailored to your commercial goals from the start.
  • PROTECTION – putting the right IP protection in place for you, and supporting it with the correct drawings, translations and any other documentation you will need.
  • COMMERCIALISATION – helping you maximise value from the IP rights you create.
  • ENFORCEMENT – ensuring your IP rights are enforced and defended worldwide.
  • MAINTENANCE & MORE – providing stress-free management and maintenance of your global IP portfolio.

Our Services

  • IP Strategy
  • IP Audits
  • Product Ideation
  • Brand Ideation
  • IP Searching
  • IP Landscaping
  • Drafting
  • Filing
  • Prosecution
  • European Patent Validation
  • PCT National Stage Entry
  • Direct National Filing
  • Infringement and Validity Opinions
  • Portfolio Review and Management
  • Oppositions and Appeals
  • Litigation Support
  • Licensing and Commercialisation Support
  • Renewals
  • Translation
  • Technical Drawings
  • Due Diligence
  • IP Training
  • Secondments
  • Patent Box Assistance

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