Paralegal Services

Trusted paralegal support for attorney-led services

Our talented paralegal team provides our attorneys with the complete range of support services, from filing and prosecution to assignments and global transfers. Most of our paralegals possess national qualifications, which — combined with our modern training and development programme — ensures that they can autonomously drive, manage and deliver large-scale formalities and portfolio management projects.


Multinational, multilingual team

We have nationally qualified paralegals based across the entire UK — as well as in Finland, France, Germany, Ireland and Italy — which enables our team to cover all European time zones. We also speak a wide variety of European languages, ensuring that we can handle matters directly at the World Intellectual Property Office and many national offices across Europe.


Ongoing training and development

The structure of our paralegal team — featuring regional heads and director-level paralegals — enables better knowledge sharing, decision making and consistency. Our team is constantly learning and training to enhance their capabilities, which helps us to provide an even more efficient and effective service for our clients.

Our approach to training and development means that many tasks which traditionally have been attorney-led can now be confidently allocated to our paralegal team — freeing up our attorneys to focus on the most substantive actions.


Specialists in portfolio consolidation

One of many areas in which our paralegals possess significant experience is in consolidating IP portfolios. If you use many different agents across multiple jurisdictions, our team can simplify the consolidation process, enabling you to take advantage of better rates with minimal hassle.


Experts in IP management systems

We are fully trained on a wide variety of IP management systems, including Anaqua, Lecorpio, Salesforce, IPFolio and Pattsy. This experience helps us to understand and work with new, unfamiliar systems with ease.


Managed paralegal services

We also provide secondment, docketing assistance or portfolio management support as you need it, helping you to manage your IP with accuracy and efficiency. Our people will integrate seamlessly with your team whether providing permanent, on-demand or one-off support, tailored to your specific staffing needs.

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Claire Gray

Claire Gray

Director, Patent Paralegals


Christine Bett

Head of Trade Mark Paralegal and Support Services

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