Patent Drawings

When patent applications are submitted, it’s often necessary to accompany them with drawings that clearly demonstrate the purpose and function of the invention they relate to.

We have a complete understanding of the drawing regulations for every jurisdiction in which we practice. Preparing drawings to the correct standard and specification is just another part of the complete patent service we offer our clients.

Mark McManus, Head of Global Support Services

In Europe, drawings are required ‘when necessary for the understanding of the invention’ — which means they’re needed almost every time. Black and white schematic line drawings are required with all patent applications in the US, with the exception of applications for compositions of matter or processes.

It’s important that your drawings are not only accurate, but that they follow the proper format. Anything else could cause delays and objections, which will increase your costs. Our IP attorneys in cooperation with our highly skilled technical drawing associates will help you create and submit high-quality, technically-correct drawings and speed up the process.


To discuss your patent drawing requirements, contact Mark McManus.

Mark McManus

Managing Director, IP Services

We can help with:

  • STRATEGY – building an IP strategy tailored to your commercial goals from the start.
  • PROTECTION – putting the right IP protection in place for you, and supporting it with the correct drawings, translations and any other documentation you will need.
  • COMMERCIALISATION – helping you maximise value from the IP rights you create.
  • ENFORCEMENT – ensuring your IP rights are enforced and defended worldwide.
  • MAINTENANCE & MORE – providing stress-free management and maintenance of your global IP portfolio.

Our Services

  • Drafting
  • Filing
  • European Patent Validation
  • PCT National Stage Entry
  • Direct National Filing
  • Translation

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