Innovator Launchpad 2018 Public Vote Now Open!

Murgitroyd is delighted to announce that the public vote stage of its Innovator Launchpad 2018 competition for early-stage entrepreneurs is now open!

The top 10 entries competing for your vote are:

  • Alterwaste, a company tackling plastic pollution by creating a brand-new fully compostable alternative to plastic made from eggshells;
  • Casta Spes Technologies, a business aiming to keep people safe by developing a high performance robotic security guard;
  • CogniHealth, a company combining cutting-edge research and innovative technologies with the aim of transforming dementia care;
  • Designed ForLife, creators of an innovative sofa design which has a circular service and etends the sofa’s lifetime by enabling adaptability, reuse and recycling;
  • Ease Fitness, who aim to empower and engage individuals to care about their health and combat lifestyle disease in the UK;
  • Kenoteq, a business aiming to supply “the most cost-effective bricks the building industry has seen in a generation”;
  • Oovirt¸ whose founders want to promote the importance of accessibility and inclusion for everyone;
  • Re-packaging, who have created an innovative parcel that greatly reduces packaging waste produced by e-commerce;
  • Resolute, a business which extends the lifetime of oil and gas wells with the expanding pump-down solution, before making abandonment easier, safer and better for the environment and at a lower cost;
  • Windstorm Renewables, who have developed a mini power station design using innovative wind turbine technology on a modified Vertical Axis Wind Turbine which generates more power for less cost.

The top 10 were selected from pre-profit and non-profit companies across the UK in a wide variety of sectors, based on the initial selection criteria of innovation, impact, sustainability and presentation.

They are competing for a top prize of a £6,500 cash investment plus a PR and advice package. The winner will also claim a limited-edition space jacket to enhance their intergalactic street cred!

Further corporate sponsors of the 2018 competition are Leyton UK, Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banking Group, Dog Digital and Betabrand, with each donating its own expertise and support to the competition.

The public will now vote on 90-second videos created by the Top 10 to decide the final three who will be interviewed by a judging panel in January 2019. The winner will be announced in February 2019.

To vote for your favourite, please visit:

Voting closes on Fri. 14th Dec. 2018 at 1200 GMT.

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