Murgitroyd Host Pharma Seminar in Milan

Murgitroyd’s Marina Mauro and Anna Pezzoli were delighted to host a pharma seminar in the firm’s Milan office recently, with help from guest speaker US consultant Silvia Salvadori. Marina and Anna drew on their extensive experience to talk in detail about developments in the sector and the difficulties that some of their clients face.

The seminar also provided a good opportunity to discuss the recent changes in the US some of which can make it difficult to understand the patentability of subject matter relating to biotech and biopharma. Silvia, who is an expert in this technical field, was able to clarify the current situation to the attendees.

Murgitroyd’s guests were urged to think about their claims when drafting the written description for a US application as, in some cases, the approach taken in Europe may also work for the US. A good example was not using a trade mark when identifying starting material in US claims (as in Europe).

It was also intimated that as far as the issue of “subject matter eligibility” goes, a reasonable way for a foreign patent attorney to cope is to submit the draft of the patent application in advance to a US colleague, who could then look at the issues. It was agreed by all that the uncertainty created by the US Supreme Court was proving to be difficult to understand outside of the US.

Please contact Marina Mauro or Anna Pezzoli if you have any questions regarding the biotech sector in Italy or any other relevant IP matters by clicking here.

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