UK IP Office Fee Changes In 2018

The UK Government has announced that there will be a rise in official fees for UK patent applications this year. The changes will take place on 6 April 2018 and the new fees will effect anyone applying for patent protection or renewing granted patents.

The Application Fee will increase from £20 to £60. There will be a 25% surcharge (i.e. £15) added on if the Application Fee is not paid by the time of filing. Search Fees will see an increase from £130 to £150 for direct UK applications and from £100 to £120 for searches conducted on UK National Phases.

There is also going to be an introduction of some new fees. An excess claims fee of £20 for each claim over 25 will be brought in as well as an excess pages fee of £10 for each page of a description over 35. Renewal Fees will also increase by £10 from years 12 to 20.

If you have any questions on how these price increases will affect you, please contact your Murgitroyd attorney for further information.

A full list of all fee changes can be found on the UK Intellectual Property Office’s website.

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